How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Every piece of Artnara’s silver jewelry is made from recycled 925 sterling silver. Here are some tips that you could do to take care of your jewelry and make them always looks beautiful:

  • Make sure to store your jewelry in a dry place and do not expose them to the sunlight
  • Store your jewelry separately from each other to avoid them scratching each other’s surfaces
  • Keep away your jewelry with chemicals including beauty products, such as lotion, perfume, hairspray, and other cosmetic products.
  • Do not wear your jewelry when you do strenuous activities such as exercise and  house chores
  • Do not wear your jewelry when you do activities that have direct contact with water such as swimming and taking a bath
  • If you have a plan to clean your jewelry, mix mild soap with water. Using the water, brush gently the surface of the jewelry using brush that has soft bristles, such as tooth brush or makeup brush. Make sure the brush is clean before using it. Rinse the jewelry, and then dry it using soft cloth.