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  • Rp1.600.000

    This handmade piece is featured with a flat onyx stone. The black color on the ring is a result from the oxidation process to make black color on the silver surface. The height of the front side of the ring is 1 cm The onyx stone diameter is 8 mm

  • Rp1.530.000

    The beautiful raw texture on the outside part of the ring is made using a traditional hammering process. The design itself represents a minimalist idea in its unique form. The width of the ring is 4.5 mm The thickness of the ring is 1.5 mm

  • Rp1.510.000

    The Dragons collection represents two dragons in Balinese mythology named “Naga Basuki” and “Naga Anantabhoga”. Balinese people believe the dragons watched and prevented the movement of a big turtle named “Bedawang Nala” that supported Bali island on its back. It is believed that the movement of the turtle might cause…